Daily Word 10/18/2021

Prosperity AFFIRMING PROSPERITY, I GIVE AND RECEIVE FREELY. “Prosperity is a state of mind. When I know, with absolute faith, that at the level of Spirit I have everything I need, I feel prosperous. I know prosperity is not the money in my bank account but the richness of my love of Spirit, faith inContinue reading “Daily Word 10/18/2021”

Daily Word 9/1/2021

Prosperity I ENRICH MY PROSPEROUS LIFE BY SHARING MY GOOD. “Prosperity is not for me alone. From my treasure to my possessions to my life experience, all the things I have done and learned deepen in value when I seek to bless others. Bounty increases through sharing. No matter its worldly value, any gift isContinue reading “Daily Word 9/1/2021”

Daily Word 6/4/2021

Prosperity “THE RICHNESS OF LIFE SURROUNDS ME. Prosperity is mine to claim every time I notice the overflowing blessings all around me. If my narrow definition of prosperity limits its meaning to material wealth alone, I risk missing the richness of life. I can find prosperity everywhere. The more I am able to see, theContinue reading “Daily Word 6/4/2021”