Daily Word 02/12/2022

MY DREAMS LEAD ME TO GREAT POSSIBILITIES. As an optimistic thinker, I imagine all kinds of positive possibilities, contemplating all that is good for me and for my loved ones. I am also a dreamer. I do not lose sight of reality, but I am not limited by it. I treasure my dreams because theyContinue reading “Daily Word 02/12/2022”

Daily Word 11/28/2021

Hope and Faith THIS ADVENT, MY HOPE LEADS ME TO UNWAVERING FAITH IN GOD. “My belief in goodness—of the world, others, myself, and God—begins with hope. Maybe hope is all I can muster after a period of doubt or disappointment. As I feel hopeful, I begin to believe that new possibilities and better outcomes areContinue reading “Daily Word 11/28/2021”