Daily Word 08/05/2022

I move through my day with positive expectation. I believe in God as the one presence and power that is absolute goodness. I focus my expectations on the highest and best outcomes for me and for everyone in my life. Sometimes, however, doubts creep in. I still believe in the goodness of God, but thatContinue reading “Daily Word 08/05/2022”

Daily Word 02/20/2022

I AM GRATEFUL TO THOSE WHO INSPIRE ME. I admire and respect the sacred calling and work of innovative and groundbreaking thinkers and leaders. The work they have done to forge new paths and lead humanity in new directions inspires me. I’ve heard inspiration described as the breath of God, an inner quickening. This quickeningContinue reading “Daily Word 02/20/2022”

Daily Word 01/27/2022

Desire MY DEEPEST DESIRES ARE DIVINELY INSPIRED. When I ask myself what I long to do and achieve, I think of what matters most to me and is closest to my heart. Tangible things may come to mind, but those are fleeting and temporary. As I focus more on my enduring desires, I imagine havingContinue reading “Daily Word 01/27/2022”

Daily Word 6/28/2021

Expectation “EXPECTATION KEEPS MY MIND POSITIVE AND MY HEART FULL. Living in a state of expectancy kindles a quiet excitement in my heart, keeping me passionate about my life. I expect good things—peace and prosperity, health and plenty—and my positive thoughts and feelings help create those conditions. The expectation I feel is my faith inContinue reading “Daily Word 6/28/2021”