Daily Word 03/03/2022

THE PEACE OF GOD IS MINE TO CALL UPON ALWAYS. I remember the Bible story of Jesus and his disciples in a boat during a storm. Fearing for their lives, the disciples woke Jesus, who had slept while the storm raged. He calmed the storm with a simple, “Peace, be still.” I take that lessonContinue reading “Daily Word 03/03/2022”

Daily Word 01/28/2022

AS I FORGIVE OTHERS, I AM HEALED. Today I take the words of the Bible to heart and commit to forgiving, even if I have to do it again and again. I understand it’s natural to feel resentful when someone does or says something that hurts me. I don’t judge myself for feeling hurt, butContinue reading “Daily Word 01/28/2022”