Daily Word 08/09/2022

I bless my home with love and appreciation. My home is a sacred haven of peace, love, and joy. No matter what type of dwelling—its location, size, or structure—it is my home. I create an environment of security and love through my thoughts and words. Peace radiates from my heart, flowing to every corner ofContinue reading “Daily Word 08/09/2022”

Daily Word 06/06/2022

Gratitude and grace lead me to a deeper awareness of God. Grace is an ever-present and delightful reminder of the activity of God. Positive expectancy helps me recognize grace as relief from a worrying situation, a sudden solution to a perplexing problem, unexpected opportunities, or feeling truly loved and valued. As I live in appreciationContinue reading “Daily Word 06/06/2022”

Daily Word 12/25/2021

Christmas THE LIGHT AND LOVE OF CHRIST ARE REBORN IN ME. “People around the world are celebrating Christmas today. Everyone has a favorite part of this holiday. For some, it’s commemorating a miraculous birth. For others, it is a time to celebrate the company of loved ones and the joy of giving. No matter howContinue reading “Daily Word 12/25/2021”

Daily Word 7/30/2021

Enjoy “I ENJOY LIFE AND ITS MANY BLESSINGS. The beauty abundant in nature always brings a smile to my face. Whether the majesty of a mountain range or the mystery of the ocean, the natural world is full of splendor. Animals, both tame and wild, are a delight to observe. Music and the sounds ofContinue reading “Daily Word 7/30/2021”