Daily Word 12/17/2021



“I treasure the gift of life and delight in the wonder of my being. I honor and embrace my humanity and my divinity as I practice thoughtful self-care.

I discern and respond to my body’s needs. If I feel tired, I make rest a priority. If I feel restless, I get some good exercise. I nourish myself with healthy food of every color of the rainbow.

I bless my mind with inspirational reading and challenge myself by learning new things. I honor my past by recalling fond memories.

I care for my spiritual self in the company of those I love and who love me. Likewise, I seek solitude when I need some time away from others to focus my attention on God. My spiritual practices keep me steeped in the awareness of divine love, always in the eternal care of Spirit.”

From Unity Daily Word

For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.—Luke 12:23

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