Daily Word 12/07/2021



“A tree is protected from falling on a windy, rainy day because its deep roots keep it firmly in the ground. The branches move with the wind, and the tree may bend, but it does not break. It absorbs the sun’s rays just as it withstands wind and rain.

My spiritual roots are planted in God, helping me weather life’s storms. I am flexible as I confront challenges. I am secure because I have faith that the power of God protects me. I gratefully absorb this loving light and let it shine from within me.

The sustained shelter of God is my sanctuary. It leads me to protect my body with good nutrition and exercise and protect my mind from troubling thoughts through prayer, meditation, and inspirational reading. In God, I am safe.”

From Unity Daily Word

Then you will walk on your way securely and your foot will not stumble.—Proverbs 3:23

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