Daily Word 10/30/2021

Inner Peace


“The storms of life sometimes leave me thinking I am caught in the swirling winds of a hurricane, trying to steady myself and keep my footing. Today I remember that at the center of every hurricane is the eye, a place of perfect stillness.

I find my peace in this serene center and return to it whenever I need to still my mind and calm my feelings. With practice, I begin to live my life from this place of perfect calm and tranquility. No matter how hard the winds of life may blow, I return to my center again and again to find a place of perfect peace.

I bless all others with my peaceful bearing and kind deeds. Peace grows within my mind and heart as I share it. I am ever mindful that I am one with Spirit and with all people.”

From Unity Daily Word

Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble.—Psalm 119:165

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