Daily Word 10/07/2021



The best way I can distinguish inner guidance from the activity of a busy mind is to notice my feelings. When faced with a decision, do I feel anxious and fearful? Calm and peaceful? Do I feel uneasy and apprehensive or do I feel excited and eager? I trust that feelings are signals showing me my true path, inspired by inner guidance.

I may consider the opinions of others, facts and other data, and my personal history when making choices. Each has its place in the decision-making process, but none is more important than inner guidance.

I remember times when I felt guided to make an unlikely choice, how I trusted my inner voice to lead me in new directions. Today I renew my trust and again follow my guidance.

From Unity Daily Word

You are indeed my rock and my fortress; for your name’s sake lead me and guide me.—Psalm 31:3

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