Daily Word 8/25/2021



“In the past I may have placed my trust in someone or something that let me down, making it hard for me to trust again. I have learned from those experiences that I should place my trust not in the things of the world but in God, the one presence and one power in the universe.

I place my trust in the abundant love of infinite spirit. I commit myself to a deepening trust in God, and as I do, I can feel God’s love blessing my heart and mind. I anchor my faith in that abiding quality of limitless love and light. I acknowledge the presence of God in all things, always.

Through my trust in God, I see others in a new light and open myself to forgive and release the past. My trust in God heals my heart.”

From Unity Daily Word

O Israel, trust in the Lord! He is their help and their shield.—Psalm 115:9

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