Daily Word 8/12/2021



I focus today on an energy of playfulness, choosing to discover joy on every journey. Looking on the lighter side allows me to complete tasks with ease, sooner than expected, with free time available for relaxation. I take full advantage of this opportunity to do things I enjoy. Concentrating my energy on finding fun sparks my creativity, and new ideas flow easily. My step is lighter, and each hour that passes seems more meaningful and precious.

Everywhere I go, I share a smile or joke with as many people as I can, watching with delight as those feelings of gladness create waves of cheer that have everyone feeling buoyed and joyful. Work becomes a playful endeavor, smiles multiply, and with an attitude of appreciation, good humor grows!”

From Unity Daily Word

Moreover, it is God’s gift that all should eat and drink and take pleasure in all their toil.—Ecclesiastes 3:13

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