Daily Word 7/19/2021

Inner Peace


Whenever I feel unsettled about the changes happening in the outside world, I remember I have the power to determine my response. After all, if I can decide to be upset, with a little practice I can decide not to be.

Inner peace is the key to outer peace. I begin by settling my mind and softening my heart, finding peace within myself. I discover it was there all along, perhaps obscured for a bit by the din and clamor of the outside world.

I focus my thoughts on peace and affirm quietly to myself: The news of the world has no power over me. I align my heart and mind with God and claim deep, lasting peace. I repeat this throughout the day to stay peaceful.

When I choose peace, peace fills my mind and heart and lights my life.”

From-Daily Word, Unity

Seek peace, and pursue it.—Psalm 34:14

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