Daily Word 7/16/2021



During classical antiquity, Jerusalem was considered the center of the world, where God resided. Today millions make pilgrimages there to travel in Jesus’ footsteps and be closer to the God of their understanding. Spiritually, this is an inner journey, a destination to reach again and again.

Whenever I find myself feeling in need of comfort, my pilgrimage begins. As I relax, I envision each inhalation bringing me closer to the Christ presence within my heart. Exhaling, I feel my burdens lift, lightening my load a little at a time. Step by step, breath by breath, I release my earthly concerns. Continuing along the path of connection, I arrive at the place of peace that surpasses all understanding: my Jerusalem, the presence of God within.”

From- Daily Word, Unity

Your rod and your staff—they comfort me.—Psalm 23:4

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