Daily Word 6/30/2021



The very nature of my being alive means I have ongoing opportunities to change and grow. In every moment I am capable of adapting to challenges, no matter my age or how long I have been set in my attitudes and behaviors. Just like the changing seasons, I am in tune with an ongoing cycle of growth.

I am confident that I can handle what life gives me and believe all experiences can be used as catalysts for progress. The ever-evolving process of life allows me to grow and change, evolving into a higher version of myself. I seek understanding of myself and life through my experiences. Through self-reflection and contemplation, I create meaning and build resiliency. I trust my ability to change and approach life with openness and a willingness to grow.” – Daily Word

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.–2 Peter 3:18

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