Daily Word 6/22/21



Occasionally, I may become aggravated or upset over the actions of another. My reaction may lead me to say or do something that I later regret.

The words of Jesus remind me to forgive, over and over again, as often as necessary. This is not to free others of their responsibilities. Rather, it is to free me from carrying the burden of resentment. When I forgive, I free myself.

Who I am is greater than what I have done. The same is true for all others. Remembering this keeps me from holding on to pain and allows me to be more accepting of others, and even of myself. I forgive others for their actions and words. And I forgive myself for my reactions and my words. As I forgive, I am set free.”

From- Daily word, Unity

“How often should I forgive? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “Not seven times, but, I tell you, seventy-seven times.”—Matthew 18:21-22

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