Daily Word 6/1/2021



In the past, I may have felt scared to try new things, feeling intimidated about looking foolish or feeling frustrated about not doing something well. Today I take a new approach and see trying new things as an adventure.

Life is meant to be lived fully even if it means taking some risks. With an adventurous spirit, I open my mind to the possibilities around me. I step out of my self-imposed boundaries and welcome new experiences. I may join a club, take a class, or learn to play a musical instrument.

More than that, I am welcoming a change in attitude within myself. I see myself deserving of growth, fun, and a life full of color and energy. With courage and fortitude, I declare I love to try new things. I am adventurous!”

From-Daily Word, Unity

See, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth, I tell you of them.—Isaiah 42:9

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