Daily Word 5/19/2021



How will I greet this day? By the simple act of asking this question, I remind myself that I have a choice. My power of perspective gives me the ability to focus on possibility and hopefulness.

Feeling bogged down or overwhelmed is a sure signal I could benefit from changing my perspective. I return to my spiritual center, placing God first in all areas of my life. From this elevated perspective, I feel calm and centered.

My perspective directs my attention and informs my thoughts. My shift in perspective begins inwardly, as I fill my consciousness with positive thoughts. Before long, my outer world will reflect those thoughts. My shift in perspective has led me to discover a world made new.”

From-Daily Word, Unity

She said to her husband, “Look, I am sure that this man who regularly passes our way is a holy man of God.”—2 Kings 4:9

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