Daily Word 5/15/2021

World Peace


My quest for world peace begins in my mind and heart. Before I take in the energies and events of the world around me, I pause to relax my body, visualize a beautiful scene, or simply be aware of my breath—I choose what I know to be centering for me. I expand my practice to imagine peaceful moments like these coalescing and lifting the collective energy on this planet.

My peaceful vibration is with me always. As a peacemaker, I search for opportunities to encourage others, to ease their concerns, and to uplift them. From a place of deep calm and balance within myself, I treat all others as kindred children of God. Through my kind words and loving acts, I generate the peaceful feelings that ultimately contribute to peace in the world.”

From-Daily Word, Unity

Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.—Romans 14:19

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