Daily Word 5/11/2021



The colors of a rainbow reflected against shimmering, sparkling water create a vibrancy greater than either would have by themselves. Sunlight dancing upon a dew-dappled leaf creates vibrant color and motion that makes the whole earth seem more alive. Voices raised together in song create vibrant harmony, rich and exhilarating.

My awareness of my oneness with God brings about a similar vibrancy, a depth and a truth I would not be able to reach through my senses alone. The vibrancy of spiritual communion changes me inwardly. My mind’s activity is quickened, my soul is fed, and my heart is filled. Outwardly, I am freshly aglow with the love of God, which I feel flowing freely through me, filling me with the vibrancy of divine life.”

From- Daily Word, Unity

Let his flesh become fresh with youth; let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.—Job 33:25

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