Daily Word 5/8/2021



I am the master of my life and moods. I use affirmations and visualization to generate the vibration and energy of powerful words and images. As I speak affirmative, enlivening statements, my attitude becomes more and more positive.

I also visualize successful outcomes as I declare these statements of faith, reinforcing my positive focus. I am unlimited with the freedom of Spirit. Now, I envision that liberating energy within me. God in me is my source. I center myself in radiant light. I am gently loved and freely loving. I see my heart expanding as I remind myself of the value of my precious self.

Through this powerful imagery, I align with my new, positive outlook. The spiritual being that I AM guides my thoughts and feelings.”

From- Daily Word, Unity

Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy.—Psalm 126:2

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