Daily Word 06/18/2022

Centered in faith and peace, I am a calming presence. The gospels tell the story of Jesus and his disciples crossing a lake when a sudden storm fills their boat with water. Jesus remains asleep even as the winds grow stronger. Awakened by his terrified disciples, Jesus, unperturbed, quickly calms the waves with an authorityContinue reading “Daily Word 06/18/2022”

Daily Word 04/24/2022

WE GATHER AND MAGNIFY THE PRESENCE OF GOD. As I gather with others in the spirit of love and peace, my awareness of God’s presence becomes more powerful, even palpable. Together we create an energy, a vibration greater than any of us has alone. I am comfortable and at ease when I notice our differingContinue reading “Daily Word 04/24/2022”

Daily Word 03/24/2022

I AM COMFORTED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN ME. I find comfort within my own being. My heart is a familiar and welcoming place where I take my rest. I am at home there, one with Spirit. The ever-comforting presence of God gives me a warm feeling and the experience of connection and healing.Continue reading “Daily Word 03/24/2022”