What to Expect

Seriously though…

We’ve all been there. Going to a new place, not knowing anyone. So here’s the break down of the Unity experience.

  • Two buildings on the property: the main building and the community building
  • Community building activities: Recovering Dharma
  • Main building activities: Usually everything else
  • Enter the Main building through the door facing the parking lot
  • Accessibility ramp to door
  • Coffee and Tea avaible to everyone in the kitchen
  • Soft seats in the Main building
  • Zero Dress code- ( come in Pjs for all we care )

For activities and workshops it’s a laid back feel. Most people at Unity are very respectful of boundaries and try to embody that respect. Something that we as a community at Unity strive for is to be as accepting and free from judgement as possible. We love you because you are you and not because you believe a certain way, act a certain way or do a certain thing. We accept you, we love you and we see you no matter what. We’re so excited to meet you!

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