Rent Our Space?

How we are available for the community:

Here at Unity, we have a couple different options of rooms or spaces for community members to use depending on scheduling and application form. We are very interested in helping around the community and offering a neutral space. We are always interested in helping small businesses get up and going with their ideas on how to serve the community.

Logistics and Requirements:

  • We have two spaces available to request.
    • First is the main building–Rents for $40/hr. or $200/day
      • (Security Deposit Required $150)
        • One large room (80 seat capacity)
        • Computer hooked up to a big screen TV w/USB port
        • Speakers throughout room
        • Zoom capacity for the whole room
        • Handicap accessible bathroom
        • Cushioned chairs
        • 12 small colorful toddler chairs available
        • Carpeted in the main room
        • Full Kitchen with microwave, oven and stove, refrigerator, coffee machine and sink
        • Upstairs Nursery available
        • Outdoor Ramp making it wheelchair accessible for the whole main level
        • 4 – 8′ round Tables available
        • 2 – 6′ rectangular tables available
        • 2 – 8′ rectangular tables available
    • Second is the community building–Rents for $10/hr. or $50/day
      • (Security Deposit Required $50)
        • Split into two open connecting rooms- enough for 40 people
        • Counters, refrigerator and microwave available
        • Bathroom
        • TV
        • Whiteboard
        • Laminate Flooring
        • 4 – 8′ round Tables available
        • 2 – 6′ rectangular tables available
        • 2 – 8′ rectangular tables available
  • For Unity of Evansville Members please contact the Board directly for more information
  • Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse anyone a room at any time.
  • Liability forms will need to be signed by those renting the space, and Insurance will need to be provided. If not, every person in attendance will need to sign a liability form.
  • The Application is directly linked on this page.
  • You can be charged for damages if damages should occur.
  • For more information, please email the Unity Board of Directors at: Please put in the Subject Line: Room Rental.

Main Building Room
Stain Glass from Main Room
Gift Shop area in Main Building

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