Youth Classes

Sundays 11:05am to 12:00pm

Every Frist Thursday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Sundays will be catered more towards children between the ages of 3ish and 10ish. Parents are welcome to attend and participate as they feel inclined. There is no required dress code. Sunday Children’s Curriculum will be focused on ages 5ish-15ish, depending on the child’s interests. Here is a link to the Sunday lessons we will be doing the next year: Big Life Journal Podcast.

On Sunday’s there will usually be a nursery available as well for those with little children who would like to just go and play.

Thursdays are catered more towards children and youth between the ages of 6ish and 18ish. But in truth many adults like the children’s Thursday classes. They come to have some fun and connect with their inner child. This is not a drop off class, parents or adults need to stay and help their children, or the children they bring, with proper conduct and creating an atmosphere where everything is thriving.

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