Astrology Essentials

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– Taking the Summer Off! Resumes in September –

Second Sundays 1-3pm

Each of us has an inner Starscape, made of the same ingredients as the Stars and planets. How those ingredients are organized within each one of us assists our Earth journey in unique ways. These meetings are to help those of us unfamiliar and familiar with astrology. It’s a great newbie class!

Where your Stellar ingredients are “housed” within Your Personal birth chart gives the unique picture of YOU.

FREE chart copies are available on and other online sources.

This monthly Astrology group is facilitated by Julie Hedges. It is an open group with no membership requirements or dues. It is funded by free-will donations for the use of the space and resources. Thank you for your support.

Topics discussed are not suitable for children.

Unity of Evansville does not endorse and is not directly affiliated with, maintain, authorize, or sponsor any workshop, meeting or event. The views and teachings of any one facilitator may or may not be in congruence with Unity of Evansville. All products, company names and businesses are the registered trademarks of their original owners.

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